MAD Monday

Posted by on Mar 5, 2012 in Cookie-Stuffing, Mad Monday

Last week Ben Edelman and I discussed a cookie-stuffer who is defrauding Amazon on a massive scale. Interestingly enough, the client-facing part of this scam still looks to be up and running, for dozens of fairly popular forums still link to bannertracker-script.

In our article, we pointed out that these fraudsters are cycling through hundreds of affiliate ids. Upon further investigation, it looks like they have been very careful to issue each id (and the Amazon search verticals it targets) in a round-robin manner:

Vertical Ids

When I first started taking a look at these folks, the number of ids they were using was slowly increasing. Upon publishing our findings last week, fortunately this is no longer the case. Perhaps we can assume that Amazon now has a rule to catch fraudsters of this ilk and so our bannertracker baddies have moved onto something else. In the meantime, the following sites may have been compromised, for they are still pointing to bannertracker:


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