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I was contacted by a reader yesterday who noticed that I had Wikipedia as one of the pages in the little image that I drew up for the post. I didn’t go into any detail as to why it was there since I thought it would be obvious. Apologies folks, sometimes I forget that non-technical folks frequent here from time to time as well. Even without going into the technical details, and trying to keep things super simple, I still find it challenging to post something that everyone can understand.

The reason I had Wikipedia in there is because it is one of the sites targeted by the ad injector. Even though Wikipedia has chosen not to display any ads on their site (and pass on the option to monetize the knowledge of mankind), our ad injectors don’t seem to have any problem with this at all.

Here’s a screenshot of Wikipedia on an uninfected computer:

And shortly after infecting it with an ad injector:

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  1. Matthew
    March 13, 2012

    They(Gameplaylabs/Iwanthis) also inject banner ads on popular websites, at least on Facebook, Youtube, and Craigslist. Here are direct links to some of the ads:×250&vfs=gameplay-youtube×600&vfs=gameplay-fb×250&vfs=gameplay-craigslist

  2. cathy thompson
    March 24, 2012

    I need assistance in deleting from my computer.

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