MAD Monday

Some readers may remember this banner from Mad Monday June 4, 2012. In a nutshell, it is an ad that is forcing cookies via affiliate link redirects into the browsers of most users that see it.

If you are a coupons Web site that makes a living as an affiliate in addition to displaying online ads, this banner may cause some problems for you. On the one hand, you will be paid to display it. But on the other hand, its display alone may result in lost revenue (by overwriting the cookies of the users that you are targeting).

As of twenty minutes ago it is  still up to no good exploiting a number of publishers by targeting their users through Google’s ad network (with Amazon as its end goal — refer to packet  capture for details).

A few minutes ago on

A campaign of this nature is most likely bought and paid for, so it seems reasonable to assume that Amazon has not yet caught this guy.

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