Search Arbitrage

Posted by on Apr 10, 2013 in Arbitrage, Malvertising

Interesting article from BrandVerity on Search Arbitrage using parked domains.

The gist of the tactic discussed is as follows:

  • Unscrupulous publisher of an ad network sets himself up as an advertiser and buys low cost search traffic (sometimes from the very same ad Network).
  • The landing page of the ads are configured to route through to the publisher’s own pages, which look like low-quality parked pages. In the context of previous articles on iPensatori, this landing page is a demilitarized zone. The publisher is using the landing page to hinder automated discovery and/or investigations from ad networks or concerned advertisers
  • Upon detecting that the source of the traffic is good (not automated), the parked page presents ads, the highest ranked of which is related to the low cost search traffic that was originally purchased. The trick is that these ads are of higher value (when clicked) than the search ads originally paid for, enter arbitrage.

This is a clever scam that is not easily detected.

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