Linkshare Affiliate ‘smaqEgQUEvQ’ Targets

Posted by on Jul 29, 2013 in Affiliate Fraud, Cookie-Stuffing, Mad Monday, Wire Fraud

If you are a Linkshare affiliate competing for the same traffic as today’s rogue affiliate, know that you do not stand a chance. The reason for this is because Linkshare affiliate ‘smaqEgQUEvQ’ is unfairly using Cookie-Stuffing techniques to maximize his affiliate revenue.

Let’s look at how the scam is put together.

When visiting this page on, casual inspection yields nothing out of the ordinary.

affiliate fraud

Open up the HTML source behind this page and scroll to line 279, note the hidden iframe (with a 1×1 height/width and CSS display set to none) pointing to a Linkshare affiliate click link:

 WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=1 FRAMEBORDER=1  style="display:none">

This is HTML that will invisibly load the affiliate click link and in turn the merchant that it  routes through to (resulting in applicable cookies pushed onto the user’s machine), in this case it is . I dynamically modified the page to show the page that was hidden, follow the red arrow below



As is unfortunately the case with Cookie-Stuffing, the merchant will pay an unearned commission to the rogue affiliate should the user make a purchase within a predefined amount of time. So the merchant will lose and honest affiliates lose as well (for their cookies may have been overwritten).

Can’t reproduce this for yourself? This packet trace confirms the behavior in question.

I give this fraudster a 1/10.

  • 1 point for basic Cookie-Stuffing


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