US Senate & the Tech Support Scam

Posted by on Oct 23, 2015 in Tech Support Scam

Running a Tech Support scam? Based in India? Think you’re safe?

Think again.

Senator Susan M. Collins

“According to Microsoft, these computer tech support scams cost Americans an estimated $1.5 billion a year”

“Putting a stop to the multitude of ruthless scams that target seniors is among the Committee’s top priorities.”

If you had this pattern in robbery, law enforcement would be all over it. Well this is robbery as well.

“The answer is more law enforcement actions because that will not only punish the criminals, and let’s remember that’s what they are they’re criminals, but will also deter others from perpetrating these frauds.”

Frank Schiller

“I mean there’s no reason with all the technological capacity we have on our side that they should be making thousands of phone calls a week to thousands of people with this terribly bogus information, and it doesn’t do anybody any good”

Lois Greisman, FTC

“As a result, the FTC has been actively working with government officials, law enforcement, private companies, and trade associations in India to combat this problem at the source.”

David Finn, Microsoft

“In the wake of new and increasing scams, the state AGs have become very active. Their offices are now seeing what the experts at Microsoft have seen—an explosion in the numbers of technical support scam complaints and too few resources and technical expertise to pursue the most egregious scammers.”

“Such a public-private effort combines the required technical expertise to investigate technical support scam cases with the leadership, legal authority, and regulatory might that state AGs can bring to the problem.”

“Microsoft will never make an unsolicited cold telephone call to someone about technical support”

Lew Polivick, Legal Services of Southern Missouri

“We’ve partnered with Springfield News Station KY3 who have established a Scam of the Week program, that’s how bad it’s gotten”

“It’s a large problem for the low income community”

“The last thing they need is some con artist bottom feeder scum trying to feed off their lives when they are having a hard enough time keeping their head up”

Senator McCaskill

I know this is not your call. But we gotta put somebody in jail. We gotta put somebody in jail for these folks to take us seriously

Senator Tillis

“If you overlayed this diagram with the Google search engine, with Yahoo and a number of other search engines out there the multiplier would be astounding. What could we do to make it an illegal act to even request the kinds of ads that Microsoft have identified and taken down? What more can we do on a proactive basis to reduce the flow that a Microsoft or a private sector company would even have to deal with?


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