Measuring and Managing Online Affiliate Fraud

Affiliate programs vary dramatically in their incidence of fraud: in some merchants’ affiliate programs, rogue affiliates fill the ranks of high-earners.  Yet other similarly-sized merchants have little or no fraud.  Why the difference? In Information and Incentives in Online Affiliate Marketing, Ben Edelman and I examine the impact of varying merchant management decisions.  Some merchants […]

Cellphonetech stuffing Amazon cookies with heightened concealment

We’ve recently been watching an Amazon Associates fraudster taking remarkable efforts to cover his tracks.  Like many rogue Associates we’ve looked at, he’s stuffing cookies invisibly.  He’s using Flash-based stuffing, a technique first written up last year.  But he’s several notches more sophisticated than most: The fraudster begins by buying a 125×125 IFRAME in the […]

The Ad Networks and Advertisers that Fund Ad Injectors

Posted by on Sep 18, 2013 in Ad Injectors

Ad injectors insert ads into others’ sites, without permission from those sites and without payment to those sites. See example screenshots below showing injections into YouTube, Amazon, CNN, Dell, and eBay. In this article, we review the basic operation of ad injectors, then examine the ad networks, exchanges, and other intermediaries that broker the placement […]