Cookie-stuffing Via

If you are a legitimate Amazon affiliate, you stand absolutely no chance against today’s fraudster (he is probably stealing your commissions!). Having followed this fraudster for almost an entire year, I am of the opinion that he is laughing all the way to the bank when he receives his check from Amazon every month. Here’s what […]

AM Days Presentation

Earlier this week I attended the AM Days conference in Florida. All in all it was well worth the trip. The slides from my presentation are available here: Mirror, mirror on the wall. With only 40 minutes to present about a year’s worth of research and development, I introduced the basics of affiliate fraud and […]

Ad Injector Workflow

Posted by on Jul 30, 2012 in Ad Injectors, Mad Monday, Malvertising

Ad injectors turn a profit primarily by presenting a user with advertisements. Sometimes the advertisements are served on a CPM model (Cost Per Mille or Cost Per Impression), this is where the ad injector organization is paid every time an ad is seen by a user. Other times it’s CPC (Cost Per Click), in this model […]

MAD Monday

How would you feel if I arranged with your employer to pay me a portion of your pay check every month? You wouldn’t know who I am, you wouldn’t know why I am doing this, you would just see a portion of what you were earning simply disappear. Now you could ask your employer what […]

MAD Monday

Some readers may remember this banner from Mad Monday June 4, 2012. In a nutshell, it is an ad that is forcing cookies via affiliate link redirects into the browsers of most users that see it. If you are a coupons Web site that makes a living as an affiliate in addition to displaying online ads, […]

MAD Monday

Cookie-stuffing attack through ads on a Merchant’s site In a previous post today, we looked at a Google ad that cookie-stuffed users of a popular deals site. The victims in this scenario are the publisher of the ad (an affiliate) and, of course, the merchant (Amazon). In this post we look at a very similar […]

MAD Monday Continues

In a post earlier today we took a look at Google ads that were targeting two publishers with a cookie-stuffing attack. The first publisher ( ranks quite high on Alexa at 54,390 and the second (, whilst not as popular with a rank of 1,697,999, can be used for finding deals (and is also an affiliate site). […]

MAD Monday

Cookie-stuffing ad attacks continue I recently started adding the malvertizing category to posts which discuss Flash-based cookie-stuffing ads. There can be no question that this form of advertising is nothing short of deliberately harmful. At the end of the day, an unscrupulous advertiser is using the online advertising networks to target the hard earned users of […]

Cookie-stuffing through

Posted by on May 31, 2012 in Affiliate Fraud, Cookie-Stuffing, Malvertising

A few weeks ago, we looked at a Flash-based cookie-stuffer who was using the ad networks to do his dirty work. This technique is interesting because the fraudster has to pay the ad networks in order for his Flash ad to run on the sites of unsuspecting publishers. So if the ad is running and if the […]